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Handgun Grips

We currently offer the following grips:

  • Smooth Target Grips, Coke Profile – N Square, K/L Square
  • Round to Square Conversion Smooth Target Grips – N Round, K/L Round
  • Round Butt Combat Grips – N Round, K/L Round
  • Square Butt Combat Grips – N Square, K/L Square
  • Round to Square Conversion Combat Grips – N Round, K/L Round
  • Magna Grips – N and K/L Round and Square
  • Colt I/E Smooth Target Grips (Python)
  • 1911 Standard Smooth Profile Grips
  • 1911 Flat Bottom Grips for Guns with Magwells

****New Styles in the Works***** S&W J Frame, Colt New Service

We now offer hand checkering of target grips with a Classic Diamond Pattern or Roper Ribbon Pattern

Please feel free to let us know what new styles you would like us to offer!

Grip Dimensions

People often ask how thick my grips are. I took dimensions from locations on each set of grips. #1 is the neck of the grips which is the thinnest part where the medallions would be found. #2 is the center of the grip where the screw is located. #3 is the thinnest part of the bottom of the grip where the alignment pin is (on the back side), and finally #4 is the butt. My grips with medallions are slightly thinner at location #1 since I have to contour that area so the medallions are flush with the wood.
Note: Measurements were taken with the grips mounted on a frame, the first number is the thickness, the second number is the circumference.

I. Culina Coke Profile Target Grips:
A. Without Medallions
B. With Medallions

II. Culina Magnum Coke Profile Target Grips

III. S&W factory Targets from the late 70’s

IV. S&W Factory Cokes from the late 50’s-early 60’s